Stiff Vessels and Low Blood Flow in the Brain Forewarn of Dementia

USC researchers plan to explore whether this early sign could be targeted by drugs already approved for treating other health conditions. A combination of high blood pressure and decreased blood flow inside the brain may spur the build-up of harmful plaque and signal the onset of #dementia, USC researchers have found. “If you have problems [...]


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THINKING PROCEEDING AND TRANSMISSION: Suggestions for research program

Dr Fagogenis Gerasimos from Athens University School of Medicine, Greece. His current research is basically focused on transmission of human brain’s electromagnetic waves. Brain-to-brain transmission comprises not only cognitive but also sensory interpretations. The quality of perception and interaction from person to person coincides with reality in some fields while simultaneously and at any moment [...]

How Cancer Chemotherapy Effects Brain

Although cancer chemotherapy does work very well for many cancer patients, most certainly it can also cause dangerous and permanent brain damage. Chemotherapy can change how the brain works through changing the level of neurotransmitters. It can even change the structure of the brain, reducing its volume and reducing grey matter in the brain. Eventually [...]